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The challenge of media and communication in the third sector is to promote social change while at the same time preserving people's dignity. We cannot achieve one while
violating the other.


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International Development

I have more than four years of significant experience in both project and program management in different capacities and organisations. My experience in this area has given me a strategic mindset and extended knowledge of different processes including: assessing and designing initiatives, developing partnerships with a variety of stakeholders, implementing programs, managing budget execution, and evaluating and reporting.

I am passionate about international development and have had the invaluable opportunity of working in Madagascar, Spain and the U.S. where I have experienced different cultures and work environments. Last year I started my first personal project which strengthened my leadership skills and increased my knowledge of community involvement processes. I am aware of all the challenges and the tensions within the third sector, but am also happy with the contributions I have made in the last few years.


I have evolved from the area of management to communication positions over the years. I started working as a project manager fighting child malnutrition in the south of Madagascar, and each position I have held since then has had a larger amount of communication responsibilities. In the process I have learned how to build a strong brand identity across all communication platforms, produce and post-produce videos and interviews for various awareness and fund-raising campaigns, design printed materials such as toolkits, guides, reports, leaflets, newsletters and photo exhibits, and build e-learning courses.

It has been a passionate journey to learn about the role of media and communications in the attainment of social change. At a time when ideas about freedom of expression, democracy, human rights and access to natural and material resources guide development projects across the world, I´m thrilled to be a part of communication teams for, and in, development projects.


CONTACT INFO   //   (+34)651825549   //   Almería, SPAIN